January 10, 2017


When I was a little kid, I think my family and I never ever went out together or had vacation. Maybe money was issue, but we even didn't go to city park or swimming pool, which I am pretty sure we could afford back then. I had no memory of us doing grocery shopping or eating out together. I remember I was asking about this to my brother and he echoed what I said. Never ever. Of course there were visits to our distant relatives out of town, but that was it. Mandatory visits.

So yes, I blame it to my dysfunctional parents. I know there are many things that we should be grateful of, yadda, yadda... but still, when I still wake up while my son was sleeping beside me, I made promise. He deserves better. Weekend at swimming pool, eating ice cream after. Going out to the park and playing ball. Groceries shopping at the nearest supermarket. Things I've never experienced myself.

January 09, 2017

Today is.

I thought today would be hard. Zafran's back to school after two weeks holiday. Wake up early, my son was asleep, how couldn't he? Last night, we just fell asleep at 11 pm. Overstimulated weekend. And by we, I mean Zafran and my husband, while I couldn't sleep until 00.30 am.

But, it turned out to be easy morning. Yes, waking up Zaf almost seemed like a miracle, but finally he wake up at 7, took a bath without complaint and spent a bowl of oatmeal with peas and carrots! Even, it won't be this easy in an ordinary day. We took off at 7.30, said goodbye and I went on my run.

It was good run. I took two weeks hiatus during school break, because I literally had no time for myself while taking care of my son. Had a nice coffee after, downloaded second episode of Sherlock, scrolled internet, read about Golden Globes. Meryl. Viola. RYAN GOSLING AND EMMA STONE. Ryan Renolds and Andrew Garfield kiss. Hugh Laurie. Tom Hiddleston. So many feelings.

Took off from Zaf's school at 11, and he looked tired and sleepy, he didn't even have lunch and went straight to bed. I watched Sherlock while cooking chicken and string beans. That was an insane episode, geez.

So, today is good day after all. Yes, in the afternoon I was so tired, but after all it is a good day.

January 04, 2017

Last Vacation in 2016

We had pretty nice and laidback vacation in December. It's unprepared and sudden, we just booked our apartment via airbnb a day before. We didn't have proper itinerary and my husband doubt our rental apartment, just because we never went to bagian utara Jakarta before. I had a gut, a good one, about this place, but we had no idea it turned out to be better than we thought.

It was our first experience using Airbnb, simply because I would like to have kitchen in our vacation, so I could prepare something easy and simple for Zafran. Some hotels has kitchen in it, but we cannot afford the rate. Fortunately, our host was wonderful, the apartment was clean, nice and comfortable. You can find him in Airbnb using name Wolfry. Sorry, too lazy to find a link.

At first, we thought of Bandung. But everyone went to Bandung, we couldn't imagine how packed it would be. Then, husband should come to office in Tuesday, so Jakarta it is. We planned to go to Sea World, and Taman Mini, maybe to Ragunan or IKEA?

Turned out our apartment is located near Baywalk Mall and the ambiance is pretty good. Zaf looooved walking in their awesome park (it's so beautiful), and I loved walking inside the mall (of course). Many restaurants inside and outside the mall, so in the end, we had a laid back staycation and didn't go anywhere beside Sea World.

At the last day, we went to Kuntum Farmfield in Bogor, it was our third time so I let my husband and son went inside while I was waiting outside.

It was pretty good... hopefully we'll experience better one in 2017.

Happy New Year, you all!

October 28, 2016

Feeling so low today. Zafran's been sick for two days now and it's last day of my help working here. She's been with us since I don't know... two years ago? It's been up and down with her, but I made commitment to take care of my son by myself... so yeah. I have no idea that my life will turns out like this, dramatically. I have a dream, big dream, but now... let's enjoy this silence for a while. I think maybe it will help me to recognize myself as a human being, as a mother and as a wife. I promise that I will help, help and help a lot people as much as I can, as many as possible. With God's will, insha Allah.

October 10, 2016

Jujur aja, saking lamanya (walaupun posting terakhir baru bulan Juni sik) ngga nulis disini, memulai lagi itu seperti lagi menjemput sesuatu di dunia lain (cue to Stranger Things, have you watched it? It's so awesome!) A LOT of THINGS have changed lately, dan jujur menulis blog itu berubah dari suatu kesenangan menjadi suatu kewajiban. It's getting so bad, isn't it? June and July this year is been the worst, I am crying a lot, I am cursing a lot, but in the end I am starting to think and contemplate. I have no idea whether I've discussed this thing here, but being adult, you have sooo many responsibilities, it's sometimes overwhelming you. Bills, kids, parents, money, money, money... In the end, tau sih, ya udahlah ya jangan dipikirin, dijalanin aja. I know, I know, but sometimes, it makes you wonder how tiring it is, right? Or it's just me?

Jadi, kabar terbarunya, saya officially udah jadi ibu rumah tangga! Yay? A lot of consideration being put to this decision, especially when you are not born with silver spoon. A lot of what if, and scary thought, dan ini dan itu. Belum lagi banyak pihak yang tidak mendukung (I know, as my husband said, udahlah gak usah terlalu didengerin, yang penting kan aku mendukung, but stiiiill...), tetapi kondisinya udah gak bagus lagi. Dan, alasan nomor satu saya berhenti kerja, bukan karena anak looooh. Hahaha, yes, mengasuh anak sendiri played big part in my decision, but my number one reason is I am so tired. Don't start me with kerja itu memang capek, karena yes it is, but this thing had eaten me up until I couldn't breathe. Padahal pada dasarnya saya suka sekali kerja loh. Anyway, no need to explain lah ya, intinya hello jobless.

Jadi gimana? Hahahha, the useless feeling is unbearable! Belum sampai ke tahapan bosan sih (some of my friends said that I am going to feel bored eventually) karena selalu aja ada yang dikerjain setiap hari. Yah namapun ibu dengan satu toddler ya, what do you expect? Buuut, the useless feeling... oh God, I knoooow that we, mother, is the key to our child's future, that you do a very important job to raise your child well, and bla bla bla, but still. I am not feeling THAT important. Some post power syndrome? I used to deal with important client, managing their credit line, even decided whether we're gonna to give them billions to improve their business, but now all I have to do is preparing weekly menu and my kid lunches (which is still hard for me you know, because I really have nooo idea to do it before. Sop lagi sop lagi. Bayem lagi bayem lagi. Ha)

Buuut, as my husband pointed me (he's the best. Really) my condition is getting better nowadays. I am starting to laugh again. I rarely cry. My patience is in high limit now. Iya sih, harus saya akui, bisa tidur delapan jam itu is a great deal. Selain itu saya bisa melakukan banyak hal yang ngga bisa saya lakukan saat kerja. There is always bright side I guess, bagaimanapun ini keputusan yang saya ambil dan konsekuensinya harus saya hadapi bukan?

Soooo, what now? Yah, nikmatin dulu aja sambil leyeh-leyeh nonton series yang dari dulu dikumpulin terus-terusan tapi gak pernah ditonton-tonton. Say hello to Tom Hiddleston in The Night Manager please!

PS. Minggu kemarin, saya nonton Athirah, film terbarunya Miles dan Riri Riza. It's good in its own way, dan walaupun ada beberapa scenenya yang bikin gregetan abis, karakter Athirah ini bikin malu banget deh kalo misalnya lagi galau kelamaan. Watch it, it's so good.

June 20, 2016

Hello, Roadie! (part 2)

part 1 click here.

Honestly, I am gonna pass our Day 2, because it's basically us strolled around Malioboro, shop in Hamzah (ex-Mirota) Batik and had dinner at Nanamia Pizzeria. Jadi ceritanya langsung aja ke hari ketiga, oke!

Awal kita mau ngerencanain liburan, dan sempet batal kesana sini, dan akhirnya menjatuhkan diri ke Yogya, karena kita sebenarnya penasaran sama deretan pantai di Gunung Kidul Yogya. Gunung Kidul ini punya belasan pantai yang keren abis, bisa searching lah dimana-mana, tapi karena keterbatasan waktu akhirnya kita cuma mengunjungi dua saja. 

Sebelum kita pergi ke pantai, mari kita ke Soto Kadipiro untuk sarapan dulu!

Seriusan Soto Kadipiro ini enaaaaak, enak, enak banget. Kita abis masing-masing dua porsi aja dong. Hahahaha... coffee to the rescue! Kalo engga, ngantuk banget.

Setelah kurang lebih tiga jam perjalanan darat yang berkelok-kelok (mirip lah sama perjalanan Kota Sukabumi - Pelabuhan Ratu), akhirnya sampai juga ke Pantai Indrayanti! Hahahaha, temen gw bilang, "Buset, mainstream banget sih lo ke Indrayanti". Whatever, yang penting baguuuus banget tempatnya, nyaman fasilitas umum sama tempat makannya. Kita juga makan siang disini, lumayan bakar-bakar ikannya, fresh dan enak.

Abis makan siang di Indrayanti, kita pergi ke Pantai Sadranan. Di Pantai Sadranan ini, bentuknya bagus deh, bisa liat karang-karang, bisa jalan ke tengah laut lewat karang-karang itu! Nah, tapi waktu saya sama suami rada ke tengah, pas air lautnya pasang! Jadinya pulang ke tepinya rada teriak-teriak, karena air sudah lumayan tinggi.

Kita bisa jalan lewat karang ini. Enak kok empuk, ga tajam.

Ini foto dari tengah laut, di kejauhan banyak yang snorkeling. Memang karangnya bagus-bagus nih disini.
Nah, dari Sadranan ini kan masih siang ya, sekitar jam 3 sorean gitu. Awalnya kita mau ke pantai lainnya, cuma saya penasaran banget sama Gua Pindul. Dulu temen-temen kantor pernah kesini, cuma saya nggak bisa ikut karena lagi cuti hamil. Akhirnya kita kesana, dan emang ternyata bagus banget yah! Fotonya ngga ada disini, karena difotoin sama mas-mas dari vendor body raftingnya, dan belum dipindah ke laptop. Bright side-nya pergi hari Senin, sepi banget! Kata mas-masnya biasanya penuh banget dan ngurangin kesan mistisnya karena ngantri kayak ular gitu di dalam guanya.

Sampai ke Kota Yogyakarta sudah malam, kita makan malam di Holycow Steakhouse by Chef Afit. Tempatnya sedikit susah deh nemunya, masuk ke jalan kecil dan ada di dalam perumahan gitu, but it's all worth it!

Abis makan sebanyak ini, kita sempet mampir dulu di tempat gelato (apa ya namanya, gw lupa, ada kok di Instagram gw hahaha).

That was officially good day! Love every part of it. Tinggal cerita pulangnya ke Sukabumi nanti yaaa..

May 16, 2016

Hello, Roadie! (Part 1)

You know what's sucks? It's Sunday and here I am, working! I spent all Saturday night by working and slept at 3 am. So, what the hell, I deserved a break.

Gonna write about our second road trip at March. It was soooo fun. We've been waiting for sometimes, sebagian besar karena nggak tega ninggal anak sendiri dalam jangka waktu yang cukup lama. Pffft, perks of being a parent. Akan tetapi akhirnya kita memutuskan untuk pergi juga, kebetulan ngabisin cuti tahun kemarin juga.

Mas Ro loves to drive. And I love singing aloud in our car. Sejak punya anak, privasi seakan menghilang. Mana bisa nyanyi-nyanyi Adele kenceng-kenceng (sambil mewek) lagi? (kecuali di kamar mandi, itu pun kalo si bocah nggak gedor-gedor pingin ikutan masuk... reality oh reality). Awalnya, kita pingin banget bisa ke Bangkok tahun ini. Karena suatu hal (*uhuk*budget*uhuk) akhirnya kita downgrade ke Singapore. Terus batal lagi. Hahaha.. jadinya road trip ke Yogya. Lagi? Iya, kemarin kan baru aja #YogyaSoloTrip, tapi road trip ini bedaaaaa. Karena yang penting adalah perjalanannya (dan temannya). Bukan tujuannya. (cue to mas Rangga #AADC2 hahaha).

Karena baru sekali ini keluar dari peradaban Sukabumi via ring road, jadi baru sekali ini juga lewat Tol Cipali. Panjang amat ya. Rasanya baru sekali ini lewat tol yang bayarnya sembilan puluh ribu *norak*. Perhentian pertama kita waktu itu adalah Cirebon. Penasaran sama yang namanya Nasi Jamblang. Sebagai turis yang baik dan mainstream, datanglah kita ke Nasi Jamblang Bu Nur yang terkenal itu. Rameeeeee banget tempatnya, sampai di parkirannya waktu itu ada tiga buah bis pariwisata. Mau makan juga ngantrinya ampun-ampunan deh.

Ternyata, nasi jamblang itu semacam nasi yang lauk pauknya bermacam-macam gitu yah. Baru ngeh. Entah kenapa bisa serame itu. Enak sih enak, tapi nothing special ah. Hehe, jangan ditimpuk ya! Tapi denger-denger sih ada nasi jamblang yang lebih enak dari Ibu Nur ini... coba ya kapan-kapan kesana..

Dari Cirebon kita menuju Tegal. Sampai Tegal masih kenyang sih, cuma masa nggak ke Sari Mendo kita? Akhirnya bela-belain mampir,,

Ini akhirnya ga abis lhooo.. hahaha..
Sebenernya suami udah bikin beberapa list tempat makan enak dan salah satunya adalah kepiting Gemes Pak Mamo di Pemalang. Tapi udah gak kuat banget perut ini, akhirnya yaudah.. kita lanjut aja sampai Yogyakarta.

Kita sampai ke Yogya sekitar jam 9 malam, dimana perjalanan dari Sukabumi dimulai dari jam 5 pagi. Emang nggak buru-buru juga sih, secara yang diincer dari road trip ini adalah perjalanannya yah, bukan tujuannya sekali lagi. Hotel kita di Yogyakarta, Tjokro Style, semacam budget hotelnya dari Grand Tjokro. Exceed expectation dong. We love it! Murah lagi.

So, that's it for Day 1. Let's continue tomorrow.. :)

To read our first road trip, click here.

Book Shopping Experience with belbuk.com

Kalau yang sudah lama baca blog saya (ecieee.. serasa seleb blog ya), atau yang sudah lama kenal sama saya, pasti tahu kalau saya ini suka sekali membaca. Dulu saya sempat membuat blogreview/ resensi buku, yang sekarang sudah tidak aktif lagi, apalagi sejak punya anak, hehe.. Tapi, sejak Zafran sekarang tambah besar dan sudah lebih mandiri, saya mulai membaca lagi, walaupun tidak bisa se-intense dulu ya, karena waktunya dibagi dengan kerjaan dan anak. Saya berharap sekali Zafran juga suka membaca, walaupun katanya hobi anak itu nggak bisa dipaksain ya, tapi saya mencoba mengenalkan buku sedari kini. Lagipula siapa yang nggak gemes sih sama buku anak? Gambarnya lucu-lucu, ceritanya enak dibaca, suka banyak diskon lagi. Saya bahkan lebih gemas sama buku mewarnai anak-anak dibanding coloring book yang sekarang lagi in itu.

Anyhow, kemarin pasti tahu kan ada pameran buku yang digadang-gadang pameran buku terbesar? Yang katanya diskonnya gila-gilaan dan jumlah buku yang dijual mencapai 40 kontainer? Gimana nggak ngiler pingin datang? Apalagi waktu weekend itu 24 jam lho bukanya. Tapi sayang, pada saat minggu terakhir pameran buku itu diadakan, Zafran baru saja sembuh dari tipes, dan saya sedikit takut kalau memberi aktivitas yang terlalu berat. Sedih sih, apalagi membayangkan bisa ngeborong buku-buku dengan diskon yang lumayan.

Demi menghapus rasa galau (eaaa), maka dipilihlah jalan termudah. Belanja online cencuuunyaaa.. Sekarang toko buku online kan banyak sekali ya bertebaran, dan banyak juga yang menawarkan diskon yang menarik. Saya tertarik dengan toko buku online yang sebelumnya saya belum pernah belanja disana. Namanya belbuk.com. Ketika saya kunjungi, ternyata koleksinya cukup lengkap lho, dari mulai fiksi yang saya suka, buku anak-anak, buku hobi seperti memasak dan crafting, bahkan hingga buku kuliah. Yang awalnya cuma mau belbuk (beli buku) buat mamahnya aja, jadi gemes beli buat Zafran juga, soalnya koleksi buku anak-anaknya dari mulai balita hingga remaja dibilang cukup lengkap.

Dan asyiknya, belbuk.com ini juga menyediakan diskon yang beragam. Buku yang saya beli ini di-diskon dari 10 hingga 15%. Lumayan ya? Kan #ibubijak harus irit-irit uang belanja juga yaaah.

Pelayanan belbuk.com ini dibilang cukup cepat juga, nggak sampai tiga hari dari pemesanan, buku yang dipesan sudah sampai ke tangan saya. Jadi nggak terlalu sedih juga yah nggak datang ke pameran buku terbesar itu.

Buat Zafran, saya lagi suka banget sama seri Dongeng Halo Balita keluaran Mizan. Ceritanya menarik, beragam, gambar-gambarnya bagus, nggak kalah sama buku anak import. Nah, di belbuk.com ini koleksi Dongeng Halo Balitanya lengkap. Seru banget deh, nanti kapan-kapan saya pasti beli buku disini lagi buat melengkapi koleksinya Zafran.

Salah satu buku yang saya belikan untuk Zafran. Gambarnya gemes yah?

Oke semua.. sekarang selamat membaca! J